The Top 7 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Passive Income

The Top 7 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Passive Income

The Top 7 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Passive Income

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and our daily lives. As AI continues its explosive growth, it presents a massive opportunity for affiliate marketers to capitalize on this trend and earn commissions.

This article reveals the top 7 AI affiliate programs that pay you for every user you refer in 2024. With powerful AI tools and great commission structures, these programs allow you to leverage AI to grow your passive affiliate income.

Why Promote AI Affiliate Programs in 2024?

The global AI market is projected to grow from $93.5 billion in 2021 to over $1.4 trillion by 2028. AI is being rapidly adopted across industries like marketing, finance, healthcare, education, and more.

As an affiliate, you can take advantage of this demand and promote AI products to various businesses and individuals. With the accelerating growth of AI, 2024 presents a great opportunity to establish yourself in this niche and build referral income.

Some key reasons why AI affiliate programs are worthwhile to promote in 2024:

  • Growing industry ripe with opportunities
  • Recurring commissions from subscription-based tools
  • High ticket products with generous payouts
  • Chance to establish yourself as an early leader in a booming space

Next, let’s explore the top AI affiliate programs that you can join to earn commissions in 2024 and beyond.

1. Jasper – Easy-to-Use AI Writing Assistant

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that creates high-quality copy for marketing emails, blog posts, social media, and more. It’s an easy-to-use content generator with advanced AI that saves time and effort.

Commission: You earn 30% lifetime referral revenue for each new customer. With subscriptions starting at $39 per month, that’s over $140 commission for every user that signs up via your link.

Why Promote: Jasper is a popular AI writing tool used by over 500,000+ customers. With its simple and intuitive interface, it’s easy to get users to try and stick with this useful writing assistant.

2. Anyword – AI-Powered Content Creation Platform

Anyword is an AI content platform that creates blog posts, product descriptions, social captions, and other engaging long-form content. Its advanced AI analyzes topics to generate well-researched articles that drive organic traffic.

Commission: You get a 30% recurring commission each month for every customer that signs up through your affiliate link.

Why Promote: Anyword stands out for its AI’s ability to turn basic ideas into in-depth articles that rank high on Google. This makes it a valuable tool for bloggers and online businesses to promote.

3. SEMrush – All-in-One Online Visibility Software

SEMrush is a leading online visibility management platform covering SEO, PPC, content marketing, and competitive research. It powers over 15 million marketing professionals globally across various industries.

Commission: You earn 40% commission for each new SEMrush sale driven via your affiliate link. Their tools have annual subscription plans, allowing you to earn yearly residual income.

Why Promote: SEMrush is the go-to platform for digital marketers and agencies to improve their online visibility. With various high-value tools in one suite, it’s an extremely useful affiliate product.

4. – AI-Powered Graphic Design Tool is a graphic design platform that uses AI to create stunning logos, branding kits, product packaging, social media graphics, and more in just minutes. It makes great design accessible to everyone.

Commission: You earn a 20% lifetime commission on all new subscriptions generated through your affiliate link. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month, providing reliable recurring payouts.

Why Promote: makes professional graphic design easy and affordable. The AI instantly generates unlimited high-quality designs, allowing you to promote it to a wide range of customers.

5. Fliki – AI Website & Landing Page Builder

Fliki is an AI-powered website and landing page builder that creates responsive sites optimized for conversions and SEO. It handles copywriting, design, development, and optimization automatically.

Commission: You get a generous 40% recurring commission on all purchases driven through your affiliate link. Site builder plans start at $15 per month, allowing for steady passive earnings.

Why Promote: Fliki makes it easy for anyone to launch a beautifully-designed website in minutes without any technical skills needed. This simplicity can attract many prospects to try it out.

6. DeepArt Effects – Photo & Video Editing App

DeepArt Effects is a powerful mobile editing app with advanced AI filters to turn images and videos into stunning works of art. It has skilled over 150 million downloads.

Commission: Their affiliate program offers a base 30% commission rate for each new download of the app through your link, with earnings rates rising up to 50% as your volumes increase.

Why Promote: DeepArt Effects is a massively popular app amongst creators, social media influencers and everyday users. The beautiful filter effects and easy interface spreads via word-of-mouth, making it highly sharable.

7. DeepBrain AI – Customizable AI Avatars

DeepBrain AI provides tools to create personalized AI avatars that can be the face of digital assistants, influencer marketing, virtual receptionists, and automated support agents.

Commission: You earn 20% recurring lifetime revenue from any new customer subscriptions generated via your affiliate link. Subscription plans start at $88 per month.

Why Promote: The visually appealing AI avatars with life-like animation bring tremendous value in establishing trust and engagement across many industries. Useful for various business applications.

Start Earning AI Affiliate Commissions Today

I hope this list of the top 7 AI affiliate programs to promote in 2024 has been helpful. As you can see, there is great income potential in leveraging AI tools to grow your passive affiliate earnings.

With these AI affiliate programs, you can start earning commissions today by:

  • Browsing their affiliate dashboards to grab your unique promo links
  • Sharing your AI affiliate links on your website, social media, YouTube channel etc.
  • Guiding prospects to sign up for free trials of AI tools
  • Educating audiences on how AI can solve their business problems

The key is to proactively promote these AI solutions as helpful marketing assistants. Focus on demonstrating the user benefits to get more sign-ups.

As AI capabilities continue accelerating rapidly in the coming years, affiliate programs in this niche present a future-proof opportunity. Become an AI affiliate today to build sustainable passive income over the long-term!