The Top 13 AI Affiliate Programs You Should Join in 2024

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to monetize an audience by promoting relevant products and services. With artificial intelligence (AI) tools becoming mainstream, there is huge potential for affiliate revenue by recommending the best AI software. This article outlines the 13 most worthwhile AI affiliate programs to join right now.

As AI technologies continue advancing, AI tools have become integral for writing, graphic design, analytics, marketing and more. Businesses and individuals are increasingly adopting AI software to enhance productivity. Consequently, there is booming demand for the top AI products that deliver actual value.

If you have an audience interested in AI, affiliate marketing is the perfect way to monetize while providing recommendations for tools your followers will genuinely appreciate. Even better, most AI affiliate programs pay extremely high recurring commissions.

Here is an overview of 13 worthwhile AI affiliate programs that offer decent recurring commissions, so you can effectively promote the best AI tools and maximize earnings.

Why Should You Promote AI Affiliate Programs?

Before highlighting the top 13 AI affiliate programs, it is worth understanding why AI tools deserve a place in your affiliate marketing efforts. Here are some of the main benefits of promoting AI affiliate programs:

Huge Growth Potential

AI software is positively booming right now. Grandview Research reports the global AI market will register over 20% annual growth through 2030. So if you become an affiliate partner now, you can capitalize on surging demand.

High Commissions

Many AI affiliate programs pay over 30% commissions for recurring monthly subscriptions. Some even offer 50-70% commissions for the first month. These exceptional earnings enable immense affiliate revenue potential.

Valuable Products

You do not need to promote shady products people do not actually need. The reality is AI will become crucial across most industries. Recommending useful AI tools that boost efficiency allows delivering genuine value to your followers.

In light of huge growth projections, generous commissions and promotes valuable products – it makes sense to focus affiliate efforts on the leading AI software tools.

The 13 Best AI Affiliate Programs for 2024

Here are 13 of the top AI affiliate programs that deserve your attention right now based on product quality, demand potential and earnings potential:

1. Jasper AI Writing Assistant

Jasper is a phenomenal AI writing assistant that creates high-quality blog posts, emails, social media captions, ads, website content and more in seconds. It harnesses advanced generative AI for a full-blown AI copywriter.

  • Over 30% recurring commission
  • $720 potential earnings per sale
  • Easy integration (Chrome, Slack, Zapier)

2. AI Writing Tool is an AI-powered writing and brainstorming tool great for drafting marketing copy, blog posts, ad creatives, content ideas and outlines. It fuelled by GPT-3 for human-like copy.

  • Up to 40% recurring commission rates
  • $960 potential value per referral
  • Strong affiliate program support

3. Companies Using AI

This affiliate program allows earning commissions when people signup to use the leading AI products showcased on the site. They partner with all the popular AI tools.

  • 50% recurring commissions
  • Multi-tier affiliate program for residual income
  • Promote 20+ top AI products

4. Frase AI Content Writer

Frase is an AI-powered writing assistant that creates blog posts and marketing copy using predictive writing technology. It also generates content briefs and outlines.

  • 30% lifetime commission through affiliate program
  • $600 average order value
  • Great AI content writing tool

5. Copywriting AI specializes in AI copywriting, allowing anyone to generate high-converting marketing copy with cutting-edge generative AI. It is among the best AI tools for effortless copy.

  • Earn over 30% commissions
  • $960 potential value per conversion
  • Easy use for all copy needs

6. Rytr AI Writing Tool

Rytr is an advanced AI writer that creates quality blog posts, social posts, ads, emails, website content and more in minutes through AI automation. The AI article and content quality is superb.

  • Up to 50% commissions on subscriptions
  • Recurring commissions model
  • Generative AI copywriting

7. WayWithWords AI Writing Agency

WayWithWords offer AI-generated blog posts, website pages, social posts, Google Ads and more through their managed AI writing services. Writers create custom AI content.

  • 40% commissions on AI plans
  • $120 average order value
  • Full-service AI writing agency

8. WordAI Article Rewriter

WordAI automatically rewrites articles and blocks of text using AI to create completely new content that passes plagiarism checks. It also optimizes word density.

  • Recurring 40% commissions
  • $40 average EPC
  • Established AI content tool

9. Shortly AI Summarizer

Shortly is an AI summarization tool that digests articles, papers, passages of text into concise high-quality summaries showcasing key points. The summaries retain context.

  • 30% lifetime commission
  • 7 day cookies = commissions if they return
  • Excellent AI summarization

10. Creative Words AI Copywriting

Creative Words is an AI copywriting tool that generates marketing copy for ads, emails, product descriptions, blog posts and more to drive engagement and conversions.

  • $960 potential value per referral
  • Up to 40% commissions
  • Intuitive AI copywriting

11. AI Landing Pages creates high-converting landing pages, lead gen forms and websites powered by AI technology. It optimizes pages using visitor data to boost conversions.

  • $100 average order value
  • 50% recurring commission rates
  • AI-optimized web pages

12. BoostSuite AI Social Ads

BoostSuite generates high-performing AI video and image ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google powered by their predictive optimization engine. It tailors ads using data.

  • 33% average order value
  • Six month cookie period
  • AI-powered predictive advertising

13. AI Copywriter AI-Generated Copy

AI Copywriter is a user-friendly AI writing assistant that produces original, creative and thoughtful marketing copy through the power of advanced generative AI.

  • Up to 40% commission rates
  • High converting pages and support

Summary – Why Promote These AI Affiliate Programs

In closing, AI software adoption is accelerating as businesses unlock enhanced productivity through automation. Consequently, AI tools present immense affiliate marketing potential from soaring demand.

The AI affiliate programs showcased here offer generous 30-50% recurring commissions rates for each referral. Even better – these are valuable products that actually provide tremendous efficiency benefits for writing, design, analysis, advertising and more.

Now is the time to capitalize on surging interest in AI software by joining these high-paying affiliate programs. You can maximize commissions by delivering tremendous service to your audience recommending the leading AI tools that provide actual business value.

Focus your 2024 affiliate marketing efforts on these 13 high-quality AI affiliate programs for huge revenue potential:

  • Jasper AI Writing Assistant
  • Generative AI Content Tool
  • Companies Using AI Affiliate Program
  • Frase AI Content Writer
  • AI Copywriting
  • Rytr Advanced AI Article & Content Tool
  • WayWithWords Custom AI Writing Agency
  • WordAI Article Rewriter
  • Shortly AI Summarization
  • Creative Words AI Copywriting Tool
  • AI Landing Pages
  • BoostSuite AI Social Ads
  • AI Copywriter Generative AI Copy