The Top 10 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs in 2024

The Top 10 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs in 2024

The Top 10 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs in 2024

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing channels in 2024. As more businesses realize the power of email, there is growing demand for robust email marketing platforms and services. This creates lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketers.

This article reveals the 10 best affiliate programs in the email marketing niche today. Whether you are an experienced affiliate looking to diversify or just starting out, these programs offer great earning potential. Read on to discover why email marketing is a profitable affiliate niche and how to maximize commissions.

Why Choose Email Marketing As An Affiliate?

Email marketing generates the highest ROI across all digital channels. A single email campaign can result in a 4,300% return on investment according to Campaign Monitor. This effectiveness continues driving increased investment in email year after year.

Additionally, email marketing tools and services tend to command high commissions and recurring revenue. Many programs pay 20-30% per sale or even higher for multi-year contracts. This creates tremendous lifetime value from each referral.

With in-demand products and services paying great commissions, email marketing is a no-brainer affiliate niche today.

What Should You Look For In An Email Marketing Affiliate Program?

When evaluating email marketing affiliate programs, there are several key factors to consider:

  • High commissions – The best programs pay at least 20% per sale. Monthly recurring commissions are ideal for stable passive income.
  • Valuable products – Promote email services people actually want to use and renew year after year.
  • Strong brand reputation – Choose established companies with excellent products, support and high retention.
  • Competitive advantages – Unique features, integrations or value propositions that give a program an edge.
  • Resources for affiliates – Banners, articles, emails and other promotional assets make marketing easier.

The following 10 programs checked all the boxes and more.

1. GetResponse Affiliate Program

With over 1 million active users, GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing platforms. Their affiliate program offers:

  • 33% recurring commission rate
  • Average order value over $250
  • Cookie duration of 120 days
  • Dedicated affiliate management and marketing assets

GetResponse stands out with its webinars and high-converting landing pages for list building. Robust automation and superior deliverability also give it an advantage.

This program is great for those seeking recurring passive income from a reputable, high-demand email provider.

2. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit focuses specifically on creators, digital entrepreneurs and influencers. Over 35,000 content creators use ConvertKit to grow their email lists.

As an affiliate you can earn:

  • 30% lifetime commission on all sales
  • Average monthly commission per referral of $11-$31
  • Detailed real-time reporting to optimize promotions

With its focus on monetizing creator content via email, ConvertKit carves out a unique positioning. Its commissions decline by just 10% on renewals, allowing greater lifetime value per subscriber compared to most programs.

3. MailerLite Affiliate Program

MailerLite stands out by allowing unlimited contacts and subscribers on its free plan. This helps entrepreneurs quickly get started with email marketing at no cost.

As an affiliate you earn:

  • 40% commission on first payment
  • 20% on additional payments
  • Cookie duration of 120 days

By offering such a generous free plan, MailerLite builds trust and garners massive word of mouth. This allows affiliates to tap into high intent users ready to upgrade to paid plans for more features.

4. Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend is one of the fastest growing email service providers today. Over 9,000 businesses use its email editor and marketing automation.

The Moosend affiliate program offers:

  • 25% lifetime revenue share
  • Real-time stats and optimization resources
  • Dedicated affiliate manager support

Moosend wins customers through affordable pricing and a slick email builder. It continues gaining market share by integrating SMS marketing and push notifications features as well.

This makes Moosend a great option for those seeking an up and coming email provider with strong momentum.

5. AWeber Affiliate Program

With over 250,000 customers and 20 years in business, AWeber is the legacy leader in email marketing platforms. It offers a generous referral program including:

  • 20% lifetime commission on all products
  • Average account value of over $150 per month
  • Detailed reporting on clicks, leads and sales

Aweber wins on reliability, deliverability and integration with 100+ third party apps. For those who value stability and trust in an email provider, Aweber remains a solid choice.

6. ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign combines email marketing with its category leading CRM and marketing automation.

It offers affiliates:

  • 30% lifetime commission
  • 180 day cookie period
  • Access to banners, email templates and other promo tools

With 300+ pre-built automations and sophisticated segmentation, ActiveCampaign stands out in converting leads. Its focus goes beyond basic email to advanced behavioral messaging.

This makes it ideal for affiliates catering to demand generation users with complex workflows.

7. MailChimp Affiliate Program

As one of the world’s most recognizable email marketing brands, Mailchimp needs no introduction. Its affiliate program offers:

  • 20-40% commission rates based on volume
  • Average order value around $200
  • Dedicated support and promo materials

Mailchimp continues to win fans by maintaining its fun, easy-to-use UX over the years. Today it serves over 13+ million customers from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies.

Given its universally known brand, this program has one of the easiest times convincing users to sign up. The challenge is standing out from the masses of Mailchimp affiliates.

8. SendinBlue Affiliate Program

SendinBlue stands out for its free plan allowing unlimited contacts and 9,000 emails per month. Strong deliverability helps ensure those emails reach the inbox.

Its partner program offers:

  • 20% lifetime commissions
  • Volume discounts up to 40%
  • Marketing tools and dedicated support

For users wanting unlimited contacts for free, SendinBlue makes an attractive offer. Their paid plans scale affordably to compete on value as well. Strong deliverability and a full feature set also help persuade users to upgrade.

9. Omnisend Affiliate Program

Omnisend combines excellent deliverability with a powerful drag and drop email builder.

As an affiliate you can earn:

  • 20% lifetime revenue share
  • Average order value $250+
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

Omnisend wins on deliverability and design flexibility. A free 14 day trial helps convert high intent users as well. Their commission rate also increases to 25% for high volume partners.

For those promoting email design capability or deliverability, Omnisend makes for a compelling offer.

10. SendPulse Affiliate Program

SendPulse continues gaining users attracted to its free plan offering 40,000 emails per month. Their affordable paid plans scale up nicely for growing businesses.

Their affiliate program offers:

  • 30% lifetime commission
  • 180 days cookie duration
  • Marketing assets and real-time reporting

With such a generous free tier, SendPulse wins on price point. Conversion rates for users looking to upgrade to premium plans run high as well. This allows their affiliates to tap into volcanic growth among lower budget users.

Key Takeaways – Why Email Marketing Affiliate Programs Offer Such Potential

  • Extremely high ROI – email consistently generates the highest returns across all digital marketing channels
  • Recurring revenue – affiliates earn monthly commissions from long-term subscribers
  • High ticket items – average order value often exceeds $200+ for email services
  • Rapid growth market – email marketing continues gaining more investment each year

These factors combine to make email marketing one of the most lucrative digital niches for affiliate marketers. Whether you are looking for a primary monetization stream or just want to diversify, email services represent a proven business model.

The top email marketing affiliate programs outlined above are ripe for big commissions in 2024 and beyond. Each stands out based on unique value propositions, features and generous compensation plans.

By aligning with the right program, dedicating some effort to promotion and optimization, striking email marketing gold comes well within reach.