The Top 10 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Recurring Commissions

The Top 10 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Recurring Commissions The Top 10 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Recurring Commissions

The Top 10 AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024 for Recurring Commissions

Are you looking to become an affiliate partner and earn commission promoting the latest AI tools? AI is transforming how businesses create content, analyze data, build websites and more. By joining an AI affiliate program you can empower your marketing efforts and monetize your audience.

This article will overview the top 10 AI affiliate programs to promote in 2024 for the best recurring commissions. You’ll learn about each platform, the commission structure, cookie duration and more to determine the best fit for your business.

Why Promote AI Affiliate Programs in 2024?

More businesses are leveraging AI tools to enhance productivity. The AI market is expected to reach $500 billion by 2024 as more organizations adopt AI software. This creates a massive opportunity for affiliate marketers.

As an affiliate you can earn commission promoting the top AI tools. You’ll get a unique affiliate link and receive a % commission for every new user that signs up via your link. Most programs offer 30 day cookies or longer, allowing you to earn recurring commission each month the user remains active.

So if you’re looking to boost your affiliate revenue in 2024, AI affiliate programs are a great place to start. The commissions are lucrative and the tools practically sell themselves.

What Should You Look For in an AI Affiliate Program?

When evaluating AI affiliate programs, there are a few key factors to consider:

Commission Rate – The commission percentage you’ll earn per sale. The best programs offer 30-50%.

Cookie Duration – How long your affiliate link tracks referrals. 30-90 days is standard.

Recurring Commissions – Can you earn commission as long as the user stays active?

Affiliate Dashboard – Does it provide analytics and tools to optimize promotions?

High Conversion Rates – Ideally over 15%+ conversion rates.

The top programs provide all of the above, empowering you to maximize earnings over the lifetime of your referrals.

Next let’s overview the 10 best AI affiliate programs to promote this year.

1. Jasper – AI Writing Assistant

Jasper is the leading AI writing assistant for creators and entrepreneurs. The software can write high quality blog posts, emails, ads and more in just seconds.

Key Details:

  • Commission – 30%Recurring
  • Cookie – 90 days
  • Conversion Rate – 18%

Jasper drives strong conversion rates thanks to the seamless user experience. It’s free to try and extremely easy to use.

As an affiliate you also get access to premium content packages to share with your audience. This includes tailored emails, blog posts, social captions and more.

With a 90 day cookie you can continue earning commission for months after the initial referral. Jasper is currently the top AI affiliate program in terms of commissions paid.

2. – AI Copywriting Platform offers an advanced AI writer designed for marketing copy and social media. It can generate 1000’s of high performing copy variations in under 60 seconds.

Key Details:

  • Commission – 30% Recurring
  • Cookie – 30 days
  • Conversion Rate – 15%+ stands out with its campaign tracking and split testing features. This allows marketers to analyze performance and iterate on what converts.

The affiliate program provides all the tools you need to succeed. This includes tailored promo emails, social posts, text overlays and more. You’ll also get real-time tracking through their affiliate dashboard.

With you can empower marketers to create better copy faster than ever before. And build recurring commission along the way.

3. – AI-Generated Website Builder offers a next-level website and landing page builder powered by AI. It requires no coding and sites are hosted for free.

Seamless makes it easy for anyone to launch beautiful, conversion-optimized sites within minutes.

Key Details:

  • Commission – 30% Recurring
  • Cookie – 60 days
  • Conversion Rate – 25%+

The seamless drag and drop editor gets over 25% conversion rates on average. So it’s an extremely powerful affiliate offer for audiences interested in AI sites or no code tools.

You’ll earn commission for 60 days on all upgrades and recurring plans. This means lifetime value will be very strong from quality sign ups.

4. Podcastle – AI Podcast Editing

Podcastle leverages cutting-edge AI to auto-generate podcasts through text-to-speech. Creators can also utilize editing tools like auto transcription, sound design and more.

Key Details

  • Commission – 40%
  • Cookie – 30 days
  • Conversion Rate – 20%

Podcast adoption has exploded in recent years. However editing remains extremely time consuming without AI assistance.

That’s why Podcastle drives massive conversion rates – offering a seamless podcast creation experience for first timers and veterans alike.

The affiliate program provides custom LINK and creatives to share on social, your site and email lists. With a base commission of 40% per signup, it’s an incredibly lucrative offer.

5. Notion – All-in-One AI Productivity Platform

While known as an all-in-one workspace, Notion offers powerful AI capabilities through their new Launchpad feature.

It can generate content summaries, analyze tone and bias in writing, transcribe audio to text and more.

Key Details

  • Commission – Up to 30%
  • Cookie – 365 days
  • Conversion Rate – 10%+

Notion needs no introduction for most digital creators and entrepreneurs. It’s the leading productivity platform with viral adoption.

Their Launchpad AI tools help creators save even more time. You can earn commission promoting Notion Personal and Team plans to your audience.

The affiliate program offers a transparent dashboard, promo code creation and global partnerships team. With a 365 day cookie, it’s a great option for recurring payouts long-term.

6. Frase – AI-Powered Content Ideas

Frase is a groundbreaking AI tool for content planning and research. It generates endless ideas optimized for search, helps you expand topics and analyzes competition.

Key Details

  • Commission – 20%
  • Cookie – 60 days
  • Conversion Rate – 15%

For bloggers, marketers and creators, finding the right topics is half the battle when creating content. Frase solves this making the sales process much easier.

You’ll earn 20% commission on all purchases for 60 days per referral. Frase offers beautiful promo materials in their affiliate center as well.

If your audience creates any type of online content, Frase is a fantastic recommendation with near-viral adoption.

7. – AI Logo & Graphic Creator empowers entrepreneurs to create stunning logos and graphics in minutes with no design experience required.

Key Details

  • Commission – 25% Recurring
  • Cookie – 365 days
  • Conversion Rate – 15%+

Logo creation remains one of the top requests from entrepreneurs. makes it drastically faster and easier through AI generation.

The affiliate program offers one of the highest cookies in the industry at 365 days. Along with 25% lifetime commission on all purchases from your referrals.

They provide excellent affiliate creatives including emails, blog reviews and social posts out of the box. With strong branding power in their niche, converts well across cold and warm audiences alike.

8. Shortly – AI Summarization

Shortly is a productivity app that leverages AI to summarize documents, audio, websites and more into concise snippets.

Key Details

  • Commission – 30%
  • Cookie – 7 days
  • Conversion Rate – 25%+

Information overload is a major pain point for executives, students and remote teams. Shortly solves this by condensing information using AI.

Surprisingly over 25% of visitors convert on their 7-day trial making it a high ticket program in the space. You can expect very strong commission-per-lead.

Shortly also offers a transparent affiliate dashboard allowing you to track clicks and sales in real-time. If you have an audience overwhelmed by content, it’s a great recommendation with the power of AI behind it.

9. Everypixel – AI Image Upscaler

Everypixel leverages state-of-the-art AI to upscale images up to 600% resolution. It can also apply transformations like increasing colorization.

Key Details

  • Commission – 40%
  • Cookie – 30 days
  • Conversion Rate – 15%+

Everypixel taps into the rising demand for enhanced graphics and photography through AI. It drives strong conversion both with professional creators and entrepreneurs.

As an affiliate you’ll earn 40% commission per transaction for 30 days from signup. Everypixel focuses heavily on supporting their partners through customized creatives, bonuses and contests as well.

If you have an audience producing visual content this is a great affiliate program to leverage long-term.

10. Fliki – AI Video Editing

Fliki is a next generation AI-powered video editor for creators, teams and businesses. It simplifies editing through features like smart trimming, voice transcription, dynamic zooming and more.

Key Details

  • Commission – 20%
  • Cookie – 30 days
  • Conversion Rate – 15%

Fliki fills a major gap in streamlining video editing through automation. It allows creators and teams to produce at scale while saving hours of tedious work.

As an affiliate you can tap into the booming demand for video content creation and efficiency tools. With Fliki handling the editing through AI, you simply focus on driving relevant traffic.

The program offers generous commission on all purchases with a 30 day cookie as standard. If you have an video-focused audience – Fliki is a great recommendation for passive earnings.

Conclusion & Next Steps

I hope this breakdown has helped provide clarity on the AI affiliate space and top programs available today. The key takeaways include:

  • Massive Growth Potential – AI software adoption is accelerating rapidly, providing a lucrative opportunity for affiliates.
  • Recurring Commissions – Most programs offer 30-90+ day cookies for continued payouts from happy referrals.
  • Transparent Tracking – The top platforms provide intuitive analytics to track your links and optimize offers.
  • Premium Creatives – You get access to done-for-you affiliate content to share with your audience.

If you’re ready to get started, I recommend applying to 2-3 programs that best align with your audience and niche. Look for high commission rates paired with strong conversion potential.

Then integrate your personalized promo links into content and outreach campaigns. Provide honest value around the AI tools your audience will love.

Done right, AI affiliate commissions can become a cornerstone of your online income. You get to empower other creators with cutting-edge software while earning affiliate revenue along the way.