Earn Up to 20% Commission Promoting Synthesia’s AI Video Creation Platform

Earn Up to 20% Commission Promoting Synthesia's AI Video Creation Platform

Earn Up to 20% Commission Promoting Synthesia’s AI Video Creation Platform

Join Synthesia’s affiliate program and earn commissions by referring users to their innovative AI video creation service. With commissions of up to 20% per sale, it’s a lucrative opportunity for marketers. Read on to learn the details of Synthesia’s affiliate program and how you can start earning.

What is Synthesia and How Does Their Affiliate Program Work?

Founded in 2017, Synthesia is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows anyone to create professional, high-quality videos directly from their browser. Using AI video avatars called “Presenters”, Synthesia makes it easy for businesses and creators to produce custom video content at scale withoutexpensive video equipment or editing experience.

Synthesia’s affiliate program offers generous recurring commissions when you refer customers to purchase Synthesia’s paid plans. Their plans unlock additional features like unlimited video renders, longer video length, and access to a growing library of customizable Presenters.

When someone clicks your unique affiliate link and purchases a paid plan within 60 days, you’ll receive a 20% recurring commission for every month they remain a paying customer. With Synthesia’s 60-day cookie duration, you’ll earn commissions on referrals for months to come.

What are the Benefits and Perks of Joining Synthesia’s Program?

As a Synthesia affiliate partner, you’ll get access to plenty of resources and benefits:

  • Earn 20% recurring commission per sale – One of the highest commission rates offered for SaaS affiliate programs.
  • 60-day cookie duration – Get credit for up to 60 days after a referral clicks your link, giving you an extended window to earn commissions.
  • Customizable promo materials including banners, text links, and ready-made campaigns to help drive conversions.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager support and tailored campaign advice to improve your earnings.
  • Performance dashboard to track your links, monitor conversions, and analyze data.
  • Monthly payouts with no minimum threshold. Get paid each month via PayPal once you earn over $50.

In addition, joining Synthesia’s program is completely free. They also provide new affiliates with a free Starter account so you can test Synthesia’s video creator platform before promoting it.

What’s the Earning Potential as a Synthesia Affiliate?

The income potential with Synthesia’s program is quite high. Top affiliates earn over $10,000 per month thanks to Synthesia’s generous, recurring commission structure. Their affiliates span a wide variety of niches including:

  • Content creators looking to grow their channel more efficiently
  • Businesses wanting to improve their video marketing
  • Digital agencies creating videos for clients
  • Influencers and bloggers adding a new monetization stream

Even as a new affiliate, you can realistically expect to earn $500+ per month with consistent promotion. With potential for 20% commissions from Synthesia’s paid plans that range from $79-$349 per month, each referral can drive big, recurring payouts.

Of course, your individual earnings depend on your audience size, niche, and ability to promote Synthesia effectively. Be sure to take advantage of their marketing materials and affiliate team support to maximize conversions.

How Does the Synthesia Affiliate Sign-Up Process Work?

Getting approved for Synthesia’s program takes just a few minutes. Simply submit their affiliate application form and you’ll typically get approved within 24 hours.

Once accepted, you’ll gain access to their intuitive affiliate dashboard where you can access promo materials and track your campaign’s performance. From there, you can start driving traffic by sharing your unique affiliate links across websites, YouTube, social posts, email newsletters, and more.

Synthesia will provide guidance to ensure you follow their brand guidelines and drive genuine, high-quality traffic. As long as you actively promote Synthesia as per their program terms, you can feel confident earning substantial commissions month after month.

Conclusion – A Lucrative Opportunity for Video Marketers

For online marketers immersed in the video space, joining Synthesia’s affiliate program is a no-brainer way to monetize your audience.

With innovations like AI video avatars, customized voiceovers, and multi-lingual video creation, Synthesia is fast becoming a leader in effortless video production.

Given the high demand for video content across social media and digital marketing, Synthesia perfectly solves their core need – creating affordable, high-quality videos at scale.

Combined with their generous 20% recurring commission rate and stellar affiliate support, promoting Synthesia is one of the most lucrative SaaS affiliate opportunities right now.

If you’re ready to tap into Synthesia’s ground-breaking platform and get rewarded for each new customer you refer, join their affiliate program today. It takes just minutes to apply and once approved, you can start driving conversions immediately with their turnkey promo materials.

Go ahead and claim your share of Synthesia’s rapid growth. With the right consistent promotion, you’ll be earning thousands per month thanks to Synthesia’s innovative, AI-powered video creation service.