The 15 Best AI Affiliate Programs in 2024 for Affiliate Marketers

The 15 Best AI Affiliate Programs in 2024 for Affiliate Marketers

The 15 Best AI Affiliate Programs in 2024 for Affiliate Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools and software are revolutionizing industries and changing the way people work. As an affiliate marketer, promoting AI products can be highly lucrative. This article explores the 15 best AI affiliate programs to join in 2024.

AI affiliate programs offer high commission rates, recurring lifetime commissions, and promote products people actually want and need. With the rapid advancement of AI, the demand for AI writing tools, graphic design software, website builders, voice generators, and more will only increase over time.

By joining the affiliate programs below, you can monetize your website, email list, social media following, and other marketing assets. Even better, most of the tools below offer free trials so you can test them out yourself before promoting them.

What Makes These the Best AI Affiliate Programs?

Before diving into the top 15 AI affiliate products and programs to promote this year, what makes these the best options? Here are some of the criteria used:

  • High Commissions: All the affiliate programs below pay over 30% commissions per sale or subscription. Many pay 40-50% or even higher.
  • Recurring Commissions: Most of the affiliate programs pay lifetime recurring commissions when referrals renew each month. This provides reliable passive income.
  • Established Companies: These are affiliate programs from well-known, established companies that customers can trust.
  • Useful Products: These AI software tools and services deliver real value to customers. They aren’t gimmicks.
  • Free Trials: Most of these AI tools offer free trials so affiliate marketers can test out the product before promoting them.

15 Best AI Affiliate Programs for 2024

Based on commissions, reoccurring fees, and product demand, here are the 15 best AI affiliate programs to join this year:

H2: 1. Murf AI Writing Assistant

Murf is an AI writing assistant that creates high-quality blog posts, emails, social media captions, marketing copy, and more in seconds. It’s one of the best AI writing tools available.

The Murf affiliate program offers 50% lifetime commissions. When someone you refer signs up for Murf, you’ll earn 50% of their monthly fee for life. With subscriptions starting at $29 per month, this is an easy way to earn passive affiliate income.

H2: 2. helps marketers leverage AI to create engaging marketing copy and content. It’s useful for writing blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, emails, ads, and more. offers a 40% lifetime commission on monthly subscriptions. Customers pay monthly fees ranging from $47 to $197 per month for access to’s AI online platform and templates. The affiliate program also provides marketing assets to help drive conversions.

H2: 3.

Jasper is one of the most advanced AI writers available. It creates highly detailed blog posts, social media updates, tweets, emails, and more tailored to your audience.

Jasper’s affiliate program offers $150 for each annual advanced plan sold. Customers pay either $39 or $119 per month for access to Jasper. So with one annual sale, you can easily earn the full $150 commission.

H2: 4. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI helps create powerful short-form ads and social media content quickly. It’s designed specifically for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google ads.

ShortlyAI provides a 45% lifetime commission. Customers pay either monthly or annual subscriptions ranging from $47 to $347. You’ll earn 45% of any customer’s total fees for life when you refer them.

H2: 5. Scalenut

Scalenut is an advanced AI website builder designed for creating high-converting landing pages and sales funnels quickly.

The Scalenut affiliate program offers 30% lifetime commissions on all subscription plans. With plans costing $79 to $599 per month, a single referral can result in hundreds of dollars in recurring commissions.

H2: 6. BotFuture

BotFuture provides a suite of AI tools for marketers, including AI avatars, AI video generators, AI graphics creators, and AI copywriting tools to help boost results.

BotFuture offers a 40% lifetime commission rate for affiliates. Customers pay monthly for access to BotFuture’s AI tools, which means ongoing passive affiliate earnings.

H2: 7. Notion AI

Notion AI by Anthropic creates AI writing assistants tailored specifically for Notion users. It integrates directly with Notion to generate content.

The Notion AI affiliate program pays 50% commissions for annual plans. With custom annual packages costing up to $500 per user, you have the potential to earn a $250 commission from a single referral.

H2: 8. Writesonic

Writesonic is another popular AI writing assistant tool. It helps create blog posts, emails, social media updates, marketing copy, and more in seconds.

Writesonic offers a generous 50% lifetime commission rate for all products and subscription plans to affiliates. Plans start at $15 per month for 500 words of AI-generated content.

H2: 9. StoryOrigin

StoryOrigin provides advanced AI tools to create blog posts, speeches, lyrics, dialogue, fiction stories, and nonfiction content customized to your needs.

The StoryOrigin affiliate program offers 30% recurring lifetime commissions on all purchases. Customers pay monthly for access to StoryOrigin’s AI generators, creating reliable passive earnings.

H2: 10.ShortlyWrite

ShortlyWrite from the same company as ShortlyAI focuses exclusively on long-form written content. Use it to create blog posts, articles, emails, speeches, and documents tailored to your target audience.

The ShortlyWrite affiliate program provides a 40% lifetime commission on any subscription plans customers purchase. Subscriptions start at $39 per month, with annual plans available as well.


INK from Anthropic creates personalized emails and sales letters with emotionally intelligent AI. It integrates directly with popular email services.

INK pays $20 for annual subscriptions, which means you earn a quick $20 commission from each annual sale. Customers pay either $25 monthly or discounted annual rates.

H2: 12. Phrase

Phrase is a suite of AI writing and graphic design tools tailored specifically for blog posts, social media, and ads. Create visual social media posts, marketing videos, logos, and more in minutes.

The Phrase affiliate program offers 30% lifetime recurring payouts on monthly subscription plans. Customers pay from $39 to $329 per month for Phrase access, providing dependable passive earnings.

H2: 13. BluLink

BluLink helps evaluate and improve SEO to increase organic traffic. It provides detailed analysis of web pages and backlink opportunities.

The BluLink affiliate program pays out 50% commissions for annual Enterprise plan referrals. With annual plans costing upwards of $2,700 per year, one referral can result in over $1,000 in affiliate commissions.

14. Copysmith AI

Copysmith is an advanced AI copywriting tool for generating marketing copy, ads, website content, social media posts, online course material, and more.

The Copysmith affiliate program offers 40% lifetime commissions. Subscriptions start at $47 per month for Pro plans and up to $267 per month for Agency packages.

15. provides AI-generated graphic design tailored specifically for social media marketing purposes. Create custom visual social media posts, ads, flyers, infographics, and more in minutes.

The affiliate program offers 30% recurring commissions for life. Subscription plans range from $49 to $149 per month, providing reliable passive affiliate earnings over time.

Tips for Promoting These AI Affiliate Programs

Here are some top tips for maximizing results from the AI affiliate programs above:

  • Sign up for free trials of the tools you find most useful so you can provide authentic reviews and recommendations based on first-hand experience.
  • Create detailed tutorial articles, YouTube videos, TikToks, and other content showcasing exactly how to use the AI tools to help convince potential customers.
  • Target website visitors and email subscribers who could benefit most from AI writing assistants, website builders, graphic design services, etc. These tools appeal primarily to marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners.
  • Promote free trials over standalone affiliate links so potential customers can try before they buy. This also allows you to collect leads for follow up marketing.
  • Make sure to disclose your financial relationship clearly whenever mentioning or linking to any products above per FTC affiliate disclosure guidelines.


AI software provides online marketers and entrepreneurs an opportunity to save huge amounts of time while creating higher-quality content easily. By promoting these AI affiliate programs, you can monetize your audience with products people actually find useful.

Focus on providing authentic value, build trust, create helpful tutorials, offer free trials, and target the right audience. Do this consistently, and you’ll be well on your way to exponential passive affiliate income thanks to artificial intelligence.

To recap, the 15 best AI affiliate programs highlighted in this article include:

  • Murf AI Writing Assistant
  • ShortlyAI
  • Scalenut
  • BotFuture
  • Notion AI
  • Writesonic
  • StoryOrigin
  • ShortlyWrite
  • INK by Anthropic
  • Phrase
  • BluLink
  • Copysmith AI

Which AI affiliate program seems most promising to you? Let us know in the comments below!